Welcome to the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis Structural Biology Core!

The WUSM SBC is a state of the art macromolecular crystallography facility formed by eight WUSM Faculty Members:
Dr. Gaya Amarasinghe,
Dr. Thomas Brett,
Dr. Daved Fremont,
Dr. Dennis Hallahan,
Dr. Scott Hultgren,
Dr. David Sibley,
Dr. Weikai Li,
Dr. Chen Shen

These WUSM Faculty Members represent four different primary WUSM Departments:
Pathology & Immunology,
Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics,
Molecular Microbiology & Microbial Pathogenesis,
Cell Biology & Physiology, &
Internal Medicine

In addition, to the Faculty and their Lab Members committed to using Structural Biology as a component in their research efforts, resources include three X-ray generators (two Rigauku, one Xenocs), with four image plate detectors supported with near liquid nitrogen cold heads, two Mosquito robots, a Gryphon LCP device, and a Rigaku HT Minstrel and CrystalMation Gallery. The SBC also supports broad access to SBGRID crystallography software as well as dedicated synchrotron beamline access through membership in the MBC consortium at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) facility in Berkeley CA (Beamline 4.2.2). For training, or to schedule time to use the X-ray data collection systems, please contact R Stegeman by email.