The mission of the WUSM Structural Biology Core is to maintain a research infrastructure that is available to WUSM Scientists by ensuring access to functional state-of-the-art equipment, and to WUSM Faculty with expertise in the fields of Structural Biology. The various WUSM Depts. and Faculty that support the SBC are involved with research that is often supported with structural information to better understand the biology at the molecular level. Structural information is often extremely useful to understanding mechanisms at the molecular level, especially when combined with other experimental methods. With the stated mission the SBC is here to help those involved in structural biology pursuits.

To accomplish the mission the SBC will:
• Provide equipment maintenance and infrastructure support for structural biology research.
• Provide structural biology computational (hardware and software) support.
• Provide an interface for WUSM Researchers, Students, and Post. Doctoral Candidates seeking structural biology direction.